How can I cancel my order?

How do I cancel a paid order?


You can cancel your paid order before the supplier ships it. You also need to contact the supplier and reach an agreement to cancel the order. To cancel your order online:


1. Sign in to My Orders


2. Click the Cancel Order button of your order



3. Click 'Request Order Cancellation'


If an agreement is reached, the supplier will not ship the order and the transaction will be cancelled automatically.


If no agreement is reached, the supplier will continue to ship the order.


Tip: To ensure the correct items are ordered, we suggest that you read the products' detailed description carefully before ordering. If unsure, you can also chat with the supplier in real-time by clicking 'Chat now!' or send them a message by clicking 'Contact Now'.


I want to cancel the paid order, but there is no Cancel Order button


Please note that if you paid by credit card, the Cancel Order and Request Order Cancellation buttons will be available after 24 hours since you paid because the payment will be verified by our system within 24 hours.


However, before you submit the cancellation request, you can contact the supplier to prevent the order being shipped out.


How to cancel an unpaid order?


Please note that we are updating the Cancel Order function for unpaid orders.


During this period of time, you no longer need to manually cancel your unpaid order, because it will be automatically cancelled if you don’t make a payment within 20 days of order placement.



How can I check my order status?

To check your order status, you can follow the below instructions:


1. Sign in your account and go to My Orders


2. Check your order status via the below tabs:





What do I do if I forgot my password?


1. On sign in page, please click ‘Forgot password’

2. Enter your email or Member ID, and click ‘Submit’. An email will be sent to you. Please follow the instructions in the email to set your new password

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